No. 287
Volcano golem Name: Volcano Golem

Slot: 6 Type: Metal

VTL: Qstar1Qstar1Qstar1Qstar1
STR: Qstar1Qstar1Qstar1
DEX: Qstar1Qstar1
QUI: Qstar2
MND: Qstar1Qstar1Qstar2


Albumgold Gold Card

"A Golem made of Lava. They must go to an active volcano, to be given life.""

Earth: 0% Water: 0% Fire: 80% Wind: 20%

Learnable skills : Meteor Strike I, Banish Blow I, Volcano I, Ice Frost I, All-Out Attack I, Double-Edged Sakura Sword, Initial Crushing Blow, Blind I.

Lv1 SpotEdit

Lycelia Hall of Trials


Lycelia Hall of Trials (lv1~3)



Metal Sealing Card R1, Metal Sealing Card R2


Fire Crystals, Wind Crystals, Monster Profile Card of Volcano Golem, Rune Cube.

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